Shannon Miley is the founder and owner of Luxe Concierge Nursing. Before earning her nursing degree and without having any medical knowledge, she underwent two major surgeries herself. Shannon understands first-hand how overwhelming, intimidating, and stressful it is to be a patient in the healthcare system without speaking the language of medicine or having a trusted medical professional by your side. Her personal experience inspired her to become a registered nurse so she could help others seeking medical care feel safe, empowered, and truly cared for.
Shannon began her career as a nursing assistant and has worked in healthcare for a decade caring for patients at their bedside, advocating for their needs, and ensuring they feel secure and comfortable during some of the most difficult moments of their life. In 2018, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with Gerontological Honors from OHSU with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.
Since 2018, Shannon has enjoyed working as a critical care nurse in a busy Cardiovascular ICU in Portland, OR. She helps critically ill patients recover from a variety of surgeries and procedures including; open heart surgery, mandibulectomy/maxillectomy & reconstructions, c-sections, nephrectomies, coronary angioplasty, and more. Having earned her certification as a critical care registered nurse (CCRN), Shannon is board certified in her specialty which denotes nursing excellence and is associated with better patient outcomes. Shannon’s personal experience as a patient, combined with her critical thinking, attention to detail, and expertise in recovering surgical patients makes Luxe Concierge Nursing a trusted and exceptional choice for all of your perioperative needs.